• Our crypto mining experience is more
    five years

    Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum


Give to everyone
150 GH/S power

150 GH/S give power to each participant when registering an account.

Full access
to your account

Take instant advantage of the full access and functionality of your personal account.

Referral with
no own deposit

Get all referrals payments even without making your own deposit. Really instant.

Your mining
in just one click

Start mining in just a second. All settings will be made automatically.

payment system

We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer.

Absolute instant
withdrawal of funds

Withdraw funds to your wallet instantly at any time convenient for you.

mined currency

The ability to reinvest the funds received immediately into the purchase of capacity.

Our support
24 hours a day

Our professional technical support is available to help 24 hours a day.

Profit Calculator

Mining (TH/S)Price in USDPaybackCryptocurrency mining power cost
$00 days0 Dogecoin0 Litecoin0 Bitcoin0 Ethereum
Cryptocurrency24 hours7 days1 month6 months1 year

Our Features

Each new participant after completing the registration procedure receives 150 GH/S of power in his account. In the equivalent of cryptocurrency, this more than corresponds to the initial deposit and will allow you to evaluate the entire process of cryptocurrency mining at the initial stage.

After registration, participants get full access to their personal account with a full set of all functions for cryptocurrency mining. You will be able to try out the full working capacity of the project and understand all the advantages of working with us. You yourself have the right to choose what your daily earnings will be. We accept such currencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, PerfectMoney, Payeer for payment of mining capacity.

Instantly profit from cloud mining on your wallet. All withdrawals from an account to a personal wallet are carried out instantly. We give this opportunity to make you feel the beauty of earning money in the shortest possible time.

Our withdrawal functions are instantaneous. The only thing worth considering is the speed of crediting funds to the wallet by the system itself. This may take in exceptional cases up to 24 hours. This is due to the system of confirming the transfer of funds, but all sent transactions will be confirmed after a while.

Get much more thanks to our referral system. By inviting your friends and acquaintances to the project, you can significantly increase the cryptocurrency mining capacity even without your own investments. We have a referral payment system for sponsors 5%. From each invited participant, you will receive a percentage of his capacity purchase amount. This is very beneficial and even without a personal deosit.

All referral payments will be instantly accumulated on the balance of your account and are ready for withdrawal to your personal wallet.

Our server is installed inside a secure perimeter with reliable redundancy of network availability and power.

All traffic directed to the server is filtered by the basic security system at 3-4 OSI levels, which provides protection against DDoS attacks aimed at channel overflow and resource exhaustion.

Connecting HTTP(S) traffic filtering, which provides filtering of abnormal requests to the web server, including attacks such as password guessing, injection, etc.

Mining Statistics

Our cryptocurrency mining statistics by all project participants.

We provide an opportunity for any participant to earn cryptocurrency mining. These investments are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. In the "Withdraw" column, you can see the total confirmed payments to our investors in the transfer to BitCOIN cryptocurrency.


Registered Users


Total Power TH/S


Paid Out Bitcoins

Last Deposits

30.03.2020, 04:231.42$ Payeer
30.03.2020, 02:080.8$ Perfect Money
30.03.2020, 00:280.00089714 Bitcoin
29.03.2020, 19:531040.7035 Dogecoin
29.03.2020, 19:081005.3794 Dogecoin
29.03.2020, 11:411.49$ Payeer
29.03.2020, 11:347.14$ Payeer
29.03.2020, 10:520.000197 Bitcoin
29.03.2020, 10:244.82$ Payeer
29.03.2020, 09:360.49$ Payeer

Last Withdrawals

30.03.2020, 02:471040.2556 Dogecoin
30.03.2020, 02:094680 Dogecoin
29.03.2020, 23:401192.7695 Dogecoin
29.03.2020, 23:210.027449 Ethereum
29.03.2020, 11:270.026806 Ethereum
29.03.2020, 08:001091.2897 Dogecoin
29.03.2020, 05:081001 Dogecoin
29.03.2020, 04:411035.235799 Dogecoin
29.03.2020, 00:211369.4866 Dogecoin
28.03.2020, 19:440.104493 Litecoin

Why us?

Our company offers cloud mining services on very convenient terms. At the same time, problems with servicing capacities, the costs of paying receipts for electricity, connecting to the network and other work rests with us.

Last news

  • We are pleased to welcome you to our friendly cryptocurrency mining team.

  • Starting the main cluster.

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