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With the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, a cryptocurrency “fever” swept the world. Hundreds of thousands of people connected to the system and began to earn new coins. And this work was justified. At the dawn of development, one block was estimated at 50 Bitcoins. Since 2012, the indicator has halved and reached the level of 25 Bitcoins. A rapid approach to the boundaries of the possibilities of cryptocurrency is inevitable, and experts predict a decrease in remuneration in the summer of 2016 to the level of 12.5 Bitcoins. Against this background, individual mining (cryptocurrency mining at own facilities) ceased to be relevant several years ago. The costs of purchasing equipment and paying for electricity corny ceased to pay off. In this situation, people began to look for new models of earnings that allow them to get at least a small but stable profit. So there was a bitcoin cloud mining. This model is special for the use of cloud services, that is, combining a group of miners under one “wing” or creating specialized structures. The main task is to get more profit than in the case of individual production.

The principle of operation cloud mining

The structure and principle of mining cryptocurrency in cloud mining has not changed at all. All that has undergone adjustments is the total capacity, which has become incomparably greater. The mining equipment is located in the cryptocurrency network and performs a number of tasks for processing (confirming) exchange transactions. The main task of miners that connect to the “cloud” is to accelerate the production of cryptocurrency and increase their own earnings. The company, acting as a server, earn money on commissions and (or) receiving payment for capacity rental. The essence of transactions is unchanged. For an operation on the network to be confirmed, it must become part of the block along with the mathematical structure of the performed action. To create such evidence, it is necessary to connect large design capacities (specialized equipment). Theoretically, calculations can be performed manually, but they would take an unacceptably long time.

Convenient cryptocurrency mining

The company Delta - CRYPT offers cloud mining services for cryptocurrencies on very convenient terms. At the same time, problems with servicing capacities, the costs of paying receipts for electricity, connecting to the network and other work rests with us. This type of activity completely suits the Bitcoin network customers, because cloud mining eliminates many troubles - worries due to network outages, the fight against intruders, the need to set up equipment, “loosening” the nervous system due to the constant hum and overheating of the room.

It is enough for you to pay the rent of capacities and you are ready to start production! Everything is very easy and simple. Even at the initial stage, after registering an account, you have access to test power for mining. A no deposit option at huge capacity is also possible. This is our referral program. It makes up 5% of the capacities purchased by your invited participants. That is, if your referral bought capacities for a certain amount, you instantly receive 5% of his purchase for withdrawal, in his replenishment currency. The more active participants you have, the faster your personal earnings will grow.

You can pay for the purchase of capacities in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer. Detailed statistics on all aspects of activity are always in your personal account. Mining can also be significantly increased by exchanging cryptocurrencies already mined. The withdrawal is carried out instantly to your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum wallets without any commission (except for the system itself) and hidden fees.